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Among different tree care activities, trimming is the most important for the structural development of trees. Tree trimming refers to cutting down dead leaves, excess branches growing from the main trunk that intrude passing sunlight. According to the expert arborists of our company, there are four primary reasons you should consult a tree trimming service.

Tree trimming Service

Reasons why you should choose tree trimming

Stimulates Growth

Tree trimming improves the air condition and exposes sunlight for trees to get proper nutrients within the canopy. Removing damaged, dead, or crowded branches promotes the growth of new branches. This improves trees’ general health, vigor, and vitality, enhancing growth and development.

Prevents Diseases

Frequent trimming lowers the chance of disease and insect infestations throughout the tree by eliminating unhealthy or infected branches. Healthy trees resist pathogens and pests, allowing them to focus on growth and development.

Control Tree Size

Arborists can control trees’ height, spread, and density by trimming them regularly. Considering the surrounding needs, trees can be given healthy shapes by trimming them. This does not harm the tree’s longevity.

Removes Obstructions

Tree trimming removes obstacles that big, loose branches create by hindering walkways, driveways, or buildings. In addition to preventing possible property damage, removing obstructing branches lowers the chance of accidents by falling debris.

Harmful Effects of Long-term No Trimming

When trees are not trimmed for a long time, they lack nutrients. The dead leaves or unstructured branches block the pathways for sunlight on the canopy. The trees can’t grow green and healthy and eventually get diseased or die.

Such diseased trees are hazardous to the environment, other plants, and trees in its boundary. Trees thus require the best tree trimming service for maintaining good health, proper structure, and safety.

Why Choose Us Rugged Tree Service?

Rugged Tree Service is a well-insured, family-owned business that has ruled the field for ten years. We are an affordable and best tree trimming company also serving in fields like storm clean-up, tree removal, pruning, and mowing.

For any emergency tree care or tree trimming services, contact us. Our expert arborists will give you the helping hands on time.

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