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At Rugged Tree Service, we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and professional tree care services. Our certified arborists have extensive knowledge and experience in tree health, safety, and maintenance. We use state-of-the-art equipment and follow industry best practices to deliver exceptional results. With affordable pricing and a strong focus on customer service, we strive to be Dawson’s go-to tree service company.

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Our Services In Dawson MN

Tree Removal

Our team of certified arborists specializes in safe and efficient tree removal services in Dawson, MN. Whether you need to remove a diseased, damaged, or unwanted tree, we have the expertise and equipment to handle the job. Our tree surgeons prioritize your property's safety and take necessary precautions during the removal process.

Tree Trimming

Regular tree trimming is essential for maintaining the health and appearance of your trees. Our experienced arborists offer professional tree trimming services in Dawson, MN, ensuring proper pruning techniques to promote growth and prevent potential hazards. We trim trees of all sizes, from small ornamental trees to towering oaks.

Stump Grinding

After a tree removal, we provide stump grinding services to eliminate unsightly stumps from your property. Our powerful stump grinders can grind down stumps of any size, leaving your yard clean and ready for landscaping or new plantings. Say goodbye to potential trip hazards and let us handle the stump removal process.

Emergency Tree Services

Unexpected tree emergencies can occur at any time, which is why we offer 24-hour emergency tree service in Dawson, MN. Whether a storm has caused branches to fall or a tree has become unstable, our rapid response team is available around the clock to address your urgent tree care needs and ensure your property's safety.

About Dawson, MN

Dawson, MN is a charming city located in Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota. With a rich agricultural heritage and a thriving community, Dawson offers a peaceful and welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. From its picturesque parks and recreational areas to its vibrant local businesses, Dawson showcases the quintessential small-town charm of Minnesota.


To schedule tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, or emergency services in Dawson, MN, simply call our office or fill out the online form on our website. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you and provide a free estimate.

Yes, all of our arborists at Rugged Tree Service are certified and trained professionals with extensive experience in tree care. We prioritize safety and follow industry best practices for every job we undertake in Dawson, MN.

Absolutely! Rugged Tree Service offers 24-hour emergency tree services in Dawson, MN. If you have a tree-related emergency, such as a fallen branch or a leaning tree, our rapid response team is available to assist you day or night.

The cost of tree services in Dawson, MN, can vary depending on the scope of work, tree size, and location. However, at Rugged Tree Service, we strive to offer competitive and affordable pricing without compromising on quality. We provide free estimates, so you can have a clear understanding of the cost before we begin any work.

Yes, Rugged Tree Service is fully insured and licensed to provide tree services in Dawson, MN. Our liability insurance protects both our customers and our team, ensuring peace of mind and a safe working environment for all involved.

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