Tree Service in Brookings, SD

Tree Services in Brookings South Dakota

South Dakota has a continental climate of four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. The changes in seasons make it difficult for plants and trees to adapt naturally. This is because the shifts of seasons are often rough.

Considering the dry winter season in Brookings, SD, for instance, it is difficult for trees to have long lifespans. Trees become dry, start losing leaves, and rotting if not taken care of. Trees seem to die in sweltering summers.

Therefore, trees should be taken care of—fertilization, trimming, pruning, mowing, and weekly inspection stands in the front row. If such services are provided to trees by specialty tree services and expert arborists, the longevity of trees increases. They grow healthy and in shape.

Consider our tree company if you are looking for an expert Tree Service in Brookings, SD. We are a compelling family-owned company that has been striving to help you for over ten years now.

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Professional Tree Services in Brookings SD

Being in this field for ten years, our expert opinion directly quotes the significance of seasonal tree care. Our certified arborists have been trained for multiple situations, and post-storm cleanup is one of them.

Storms create massive destruction, and trees falling over houses, vehicles, and roads are the typical scenarios. The aftermath of a storm can be horrifying and needs specialists to control the situation, ensuring minimum damage. Our experts have always stood forward during hard times and handled situations with the highest efficiency.

Safety tree service is also required in such situations because sometimes fire catches the trees during a short circuit. If essential elements are not in the emergency kit, it becomes difficult to handle every situation. Our company highlights every crisis and makes preparations in such a way.

Our tree surgeons emphasize treating trees instead of removing them. Some diseased trees can be cured with special treatment; one or two limbs may have to be cut. Trimming, pruning, mowing, etc., help identify tree problems. Tree care treatments are found at affordable prices in our company. We help trees grow and provide homeowners relief from nightmares regarding their property.

Why Choose Us?

Trees are a valuable part of people’s lives and property. From our experience, we opened a family-owned tree company, Rugged Tree Service, that is still operating after ten years of success. You can choose us to help you and support you in the healthy growth of your trees or safe tree removal activities.

We provide affordable tree service in Bookings, SD, and arrange emergency tree services when required. Our services also include cleaning up post-storm destruction. We are well-insured and deliver quality work. Contact us anytime if your trees need a surgeon’s help or advice.


With a professional’s help, you can get rid of a tree. An arborist can suggest if trimming or chaining the tree would be enough. In the worst scenario, they can safely remove the tree.

Avoid topping. Trim any side branches that extend four feet above the ground from the main stems. Tree trimming promotes healthy growth, so continue doing it by scheduling a time.

Yes, but extra caution is required because it can have weak limbs or a degraded trunk, making it physically unstable. A poor evaluation and lack of safety precautions could cause the tree or its branches to suddenly collapse while being chopped down.

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