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We have been serving the serving the SW Minnesota area for over 10 years


At Rugged Tree Service, your trees rest in the safe hands of experts in Southwest Minnesota. We don’t just grind stumps and remove branches – we create trust! Whether clients seek a simple consultation or a complete makeover, our team prioritizes undivided attention while delivering exceptional service – tailored to your satisfaction! Our professional services strictly follow the industry standards while going above and beyond to leave a smile on our customer’s faces. Additionally, transparent pricing on all services are just the cherry on top. It doesn’t matter if you want pruning or a complete removal, you can rest assured that you’ll never be in for an expensive surprise. So, are you looking for a tree service? Settle for Rugged Tree Service who go the extra mile!

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Our Services

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Winters take a toll on trees. So, before wind, ice, and snow wreak havoc and cause giants to topple over, contact our emergency tree services! Assessing the situation, we find the best way to remove forestry before the next storm hits.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

We will leave your property bathing in sunlight once we’re done with the touch-up. Our specialty tree service proves among the best at tree trimming and pruning because we believe that trimmed branches brighter days!

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Those pesky stumps frustrate every caring homeowner. If you desire to get these bumps removed, look no further! We offer affordable tree services, which include stump grinding as well. Using our tools, we will leave your yard looking smoother than ever.

Storm Clean-UP near me

Storm Clean-up

Harsh weather is nothing out of the ordinary in Southwest Minnesota. Couple that with unforgiving rain and ice storms, and you have the recipe for leaves and branches making a mess. Don’t worry, because we’ll clean all the mess as if it never happened!

Brush Mowing

Brush Mowing

If you want to erase any image of undergrowth, shrubs, and small trees existence, contact us today! We have arborists who excel at services like these and they do an incredible job while they are at it.

The Safety of Our Customer's Families, Homes, Businesses, and Assets Is Our Number One Priority.


Arborists From Rugged Tree Service Are All Highly Trained And Certified Professionals

After working in the tree servicing business and navigating the unique Minnesota landscape for years, we can pinpoint our client’s needs and desires with ease. However, instead of listening to our words, just look at our employees – all ISA-certified arborists.
Every arborist and tree surgeons specialize in this line of work and has been in the game long enough to understand the local community’s specific needs.
Not to forget, our equipment and expertise come second to none, ensuring top efficiency and safety for customers.

Our service description in a nutshell:

Certified Arborists

Clear Communication

High-Quality Workmanship

Fair Pricing

Positive Reputation

Experienced Crew


Our Tree Service Work

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Why Choose Rugged Tree Service For All Your Tree Needs

Experienced Staff

We take pride in boasting a crew of seasoned tree surgeons and certified arborists. In fact, each team member brings years of diverse experience to the table, especially suited for the Southwest Minnesota community. Their knowledge and skills not only meet the industry standards but are among the best in the region.

Commitment To Safety

Our motto is safety above all, which is why we ass the worksite before working on it. Pre-job planning ensures no property or individuals get hurt. Afterward, we employ our rigorously trained arborists to work their magic using top-of-the-line premium tools. Lastly, we clean up the debris and leave the site shining.

Competitive Prices

In this competitive tree servicing market, we know how customers feel when hiring companies while not trying to break the bank. That is why our prices are relatively fairer compared to the expensive services out there! Call us to know more.

Customer Satisfaction

At Rugged Tree Service, our topmost priority is nothing other than customer satisfaction. We are the ones who will go the extra mile and then some – just for the community!


Late winter or spring will prove ideal for trimming and all year round for removal.

No, our experts take great care to ensure safety.

It depends on what you require, give us a call to learn more details!

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